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A Quick, Healthy And Colorful Breakfast For Better Skin

Last updated on September 20th, 2020 at 02:36 am

Determining the proper dietary needs are more important now as we learn to take care of our health and we learn the negative effects of ignoring it.
Health has no age barriers as we develop our mind and body in our life span.

Obesity has grown 3 times over since 1975. The approximate count approaches to 1.9 billion people are overweight. Obesity causes an early death due to coronary
complications and lower immunity.

Obesity can come and go during our life time depending on our actions we take but childhood obesity is of concern as the child grows and does not shed the fat
and the body begins to settle in to its fatty form.

What are the causes of Obesity
The common denominator for the cause is the out of balance of calorie intake and calories burned.

The food consumed that are saturated with fat and sugars work to build up fatty tissues from these items.

Another major reason is we are exercising less, working more and creating stressful situations.

There are cultural drivers that encourage the selection of any factors above. As for an example, as a typical Spanish cultural selection of their particular heritage food item options are many time very pleasurable but fatty or sweets items. (Lechon, rice and beans, Chicken fricassee, tres leches)


Common results of a steady fatty diet
Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, joins diseases.

What can we do live a healthy live and promote healthy skin

Certain foods does influence a good healthy color of the skin promoting a certain beauty in a person.

These are the general category of food groups beneficial extracts.

1. Probiotics
2. Low-Glycemic
3. no-Dairy Milk
4. Berries
5. leafy Greens
6. Tumeric
7. Eggs
8. Nuts
9. Citrus fruit tea
11. Fish
12. Oil


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