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Layering Bracelets For A Boho Look & A Makeup Sale

Last updated on December 10th, 2021 at 12:04 am

Layering and matching bracelets into a stackable style is a popular trend that anyone can pull off. There really aren’t any ”rules” of bracelets stacking. Think of your arm party as a fun way to express yourself. For those who like a bit more guidance, I did find a few helpful tips from some good fashioned trial and error:



-Don’t go overboard! If you have a big chunky statement bangle, even it out with thin, dainty bracelets.
-Mix it up! Different metals, different colors..go for it!
-The trend to try: colorful threads and shells are BIG this season!
-Choose a basic color scheme.
-Add a pop of color to a wrist full of gold or silver.
-Keep it simple. Stack your bracelets on just one wrist. You can add another bold touch like statement shoes, but a mostly minimal outfit let your bracelets shine

Layering bracelets that you need to complete your look. It shines, twinkles, and will make you feel extra glamorous.

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